The newly renovated 112 Mega Plex The Crowe’s Nest, home of some of the best DJs in Atlanta, is located just minutes from the busiest airport in the world and is one of the premier Clubs on Atlanta’s South Side. The combination of our surreal sound system, incredible light show, multiple large TV monitors, and energetic dance floors will leave you wanting more.

A great bar layout allows you to sit at one of our bars with a drink, listen to the DJ, or enjoy live music on select nights. We have several tables for you to enjoy and a great staff to serve some of the best food you’ve ever eaten. Enjoy some of Atlanta’s finest food and nightly drink specials.

Multiple Upscale VIP areas throughout this spacious club boast some of the best décor you’ll ever see. It goes perfectly with the Beautiful Women and Handsome Men who come to Party with us. All of our visitors are treated like celebrities, but there’s no denying that stepping foot in this place makes you want to hit the dance floor.

We have all types of contests and stage shows – our goal is to make your night a memory of fun that you and your friends will never forget. 112 Mega Plex The Crowe’s Nest is synonymous with non-stop partying, patrons who have been known to dance themselves into a state of exhaustion, and a DJ who is unforgiving, mixing some of the best music ever made. The club has what it takes for memorable nights… and early mornings. Those seeking a quiet laid back night need not apply.

This is a grown and sexy club were we get dressed up and stay out until the wee hours of the night. With the all-night drink specials, “you might regret what you did in the morning”.

There are only a few ways to leave out of here: a friend’s shoulder, a staggered walk, or a slow crawl. Go home, recuperate, and start the debauchery all over again the next night. We’ll be waiting for you with VIP service and a cocktail on the rocks.

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